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Sustainable Workplace Solutions

Sustainable Workplace Solutions

A Strategic Source of Competitive Advantage

Baker Group has developed Sustainable Workplace Solutions in response to the convergence of sustainability, workplace optimization, and numerous other business challenges.

Workplace Optimization

An advanced, innovative workplace strategy should maximize savings in capital expenditure and operational expenditures, while delivering a workplace that is matched to staff and business needs. This presents the opportunity to review and streamline business processes and the facility operating model — to leverage the workplace environment as a catalyst for business productivity effectiveness enhancements.

Driving positive outcomes — Sustainable Workplace Solutions offers these key benefits:

  • Cost savings; through workplace optimization, streamlined processes, more effective operating models deliver lower total operating costs
  • Higher productivity; research shows that sustainability measures and innovative workplaces significantly improve productivity and reduce staff sickness days
  • Improved staff attraction and retention; flexible and attractive workplaces, combined with a credible sustainability agenda, is proven to be a compelling mix for the best talent. This is one way in which the workplace becomes a source of competitive advantage.

To learn more about Baker Group’s Sustainable Workplace solutions contact Daryld Karloff.