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Parking Revenue Control

Parking Revenue Control

Baker Group offers the latest in Parking Gate Controls and Revenue Generation system solutions for commercial, industrial, government, hospitals or hotels. Baker Group system solutions adapt easily to individual requirements.

Parking Revenue Equipment includes:

  • Parking Barriers (gates)
  • Ticket Dispensers
  • Cashier Equipment
  • Automated Pay Stations

Offering the latest in a line of security products, Baker Group is the Exclusive Distributor of SKIDATA Parking Equipment for Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and NW Missouri. Skidata has put a huge effort into creating a product that has unique User Friendly functionality with an architecturally modern look.

What is unique about this product?

  • Barriers are direct motor-drive compared to most parking barriers that are belt-driven.
  • Barriers have an engineered fiberglass illuminated arm that will simply “pop-off” when struck by a vehicle.
  • Software Package supports all basic systems, full of features and easy to use.
  • Ticket Dispensers have a total modular feel designed to allow service to be simple and quick, with very few tools required.
  • Remote Administration package that allows us to support and troubleshoot our customers’ parking servers and aid them when real-time problems occur.

To learn more about our Parking Gate Controls and Revenue Generation Solutions contact Jamie Knutson.