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Retro Commissioning

Baker Group understands how important it is for your building to operate at optimal conditions. Our retro-commissioning (RCx) program is a systematic, documented process that focuses on energy-using equipment such as mechanical equipment, lighting and related controls. The emphasis is on optimizing existing system performance, rather than relying on major equipment replacement. This results in improved indoor air quality, comfort, control, and energy efficiency with minimal investment.

We start our RCx process with an initial site walk-through of your entire building, including a study of past utility bills, and interviews with your facility personnel. Then diagnostic monitoring and functional tests of building systems are executed and analyzed. Building systems are retested and monitored to fine-tune improvements. This process helps us to find and repair minor operational problems as the project progresses. The identification of more complex system improvement opportunities are prioritized and presented. We also identify new technology or training that will benefit your facility and people. A final report with system improvement recommendations is then presented to your team for consideration.

Besides optimizing energy performance, saving you money and reducing your effects on the environment, other benefits of having Baker Group retro-commission your building include:

  • More productive facility
  • Longer equipment service life
  • Fewer maintenance and service calls
  • More efficient building operations
  • Improved indoor air quality and comfort
  • Aids long-term planning and maintenance budgeting

Contact Dale Drent to learn more about our Retro-Commissioning program.