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K-12 Education

Baker Group’s education experience encompasses many public and private K-12 facilities. High-performance green sustainable design can be effectively applied to new or existing facilities, creating improved indoor air quality, student comfort, and enhanced learning environments. HVAC systems, including geo-thermal well fields, help to minimize operating costs by conserving energy. Adding Building Automation Systems (BAS) helps to control temperature, humidity and ventilation at optimal levels. Access control and CCTV/Digital Recording helps to keep students and staff safe and secure.

Our Facility Improvement Master Planning process has been used by many school districts to develop a road map to return aging facilities to productive learning environments. Please click on the images below to learn more about our successful K-12 education projects.

Saydel Community School District

  • Saydel Community School District
  • Saydel Community School District worked with Baker Group to add air-conditioning to all four Saydel Schools in the district, plus an update to the Schneider/TAC Building Automation System.

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East High School Renovation

  • East High School Renovation
  • Baker Group completed a major mechanical construction project at East High School in 2005.

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Pleasantville Community School District

  • Pleasantville Community School District
  • Baker Group evaluated the mechanical systems, prepared budgets for implementation costs, and worked with the design team to finalize project scope for renovation of the Pleasantville Community School District's Elementary School.

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Mid-Prairie Community School District

  • Mid-Prairie Community School District
  • Commissioned as the construction manager, Baker Group provided complete renovation and upgrade of the HVAC system, a remodel of the lab areas, and new ceilings for Mid-Prarie High School.

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