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Systems from Baker Group

Systems from Baker Group

Baker Group has grown by listening to our clients. We seek to understand Client needs and offer new services they can’t find anywhere else. When we do expand our offerings, we always focus on becoming the leader in that new system and service, hiring or developing expertise that competitors do not offer. As our core values require, we are Innovative and Adaptable in the Systems and Services we offer as we build Long-Term Relationships that are based on Maximizing Value to our clients.

As the Midwest leader with advanced technical capabilities and resources, Baker Group is dedicated to identifying the latest emerging technologies that support reliable systems. Clients Expect the Best from Baker Group for their commercial, industrial and institutional systems. They know that our highly trained staff will always Work Safely and treat them with Honesty and Integrity. That is why clients call Baker Group for all of their system support needs. Our dedication and commitment has earned us a great reputation for delivering reliable, green sustainable, cost-effective and energy efficient solutions customized to meet the specific needs of your facility. 

Baker Group is your single source solution for a full range of systems and services for most any environment. Contact Daryld Karloff today to learn more about Baker Group’s ability to serve your needs.  

  • Baker Group Services

    With well designed, reliable, sustainable, and efficient systems, your operating costs decrease, productivity increases, and your entire business is more profitable.    

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    Baker Group Services
  • HVAC Systems

    HVAC systems exist to keep your team comfortable and therefore productive.  We design, build, and maintain your systems to improve reliability and efficiency to improve your profitability!

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    HVAC Systems
  • Life Safety Systems

    Baker Group is an expert at keeping your people and property safe.  What could be more important than your Security System?

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    Life Safety Systems

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