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Baker Group has built our business by actively listening to our clients, then developing unique solutions that best serve their needs.

Recently, Barilla, a pasta production facility challenged our team to come up with a cost effective way to convert process heating water to a comfort heating loop needed to serve a newly renovated area of their building. Our solution to this challenge was to prefabricate a turnkey heat exchanger skid (complete with insulation, controls and hydro tested to specifications ahead of time in our shop), then ship the skid to the jobsite to be installed above a primary path of travel in the middle of the owner’s operation.

Our in-house integration of engineering, 3D CAD modeling capabilities, and prefabrication shop allowed us to move quickly from concept to delivery. During this process, we determined that by elevating the skid in the owner’s facility, the customer would have a more optimal long term travel path for their employees when compared to installing the skid on the ground. As such, detachable steel supports were created to be able to hoist the skid into the air, then attach it to existing structure in an optimal location. Not only did this approach minimize owner downtime during installation, but prefabricating the skid in our shop reduced the total number of total number of hours needed for installation by 20% when compared to constructing the skid on site.

This project was truly an example of effective team collaboration coupled with a burning desire to search for the best solutions for our customers.

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