Systems Integration

Baker Group excels in automated systems integration so all systems and equipment can better communicate with each other. In turn, it creates more efficient processes for your business. We deliver a turnkey solution, allowing your systems and equipment to effectively run without having to rely on operators. We have experience in different types of automated systems, including MCCs, PLCs and HMIs; motion control; and variable frequency drives.

We often work with organizations that have inefficient equipment that is outdated but expensive to replace. We specialize in modernization planning and consulting, identifying the processes and equipment that may slow down your operation. We utilize Legacy Systems Support to provide technical support, part replacement and updates that can be integrated with a path to modernization as your equipment ends its useful life.

Baker Group’s team of engineers, technicians and field service workers specialize in on-site start-up and commissioning and provide service and support for any Baker-designed system. Safety is our top priority. Industrial equipment has inherent risks, and our engineers can help facilitate a risk analysis to determine the risks your equipment has. Or, we can design solutions to your determined safety level.

We have experience in manufacturing, agriculture, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and research industries, and we are well versed in the following safety standards: ANSI 11B, ISO 12100:2012 and IEC62061.