Our experienced designers utilize the latest technology in scanning, modeling and virtual design to assist our pre-construction team to provide the most efficient and effective process while keeping budget and schedule in check. BIM and VDC technology allows Baker’s Design Team to ensure the project is built practical, functional, and serviceable for use throughout its lifecycle. The resulting detailed model makes possible to shop fabricate in excess of over 90% of a projects required welds. The resulting BIM model allows for review of all components, providing instant material lists and estimates. 

Our cutting-edge 5D technology allows the entire project team to be more efficient in the planning, design, and installation of process infrastructure.

The benefits of BIM/VDC in project management include: 

  • Improved decision-making and performance
  • Streamlined design and analysis
  • Ability to diagnose potential challenges
  • Quick evaluation of alternatives
  • Estimates are more accurate
  • Designs are efficiently documented
  • Reduced costs
  • Shorter project schedules

The integration of Baker Group’s cross-disciplinary team of industrial experts in pre-construction planning provides reliable, innovative solutions.