SCADA — supervisory control and data acquisition — provides a top-level overview of your entire facility, allowing for better control and analysis of your subsystems. Baker Group excels in implementing SCADA systems to enable efficiency and database integration. With a SCADA system, you gain:

  • A comprehensive way to manage your facility
  • Intelligent, adaptive alarming and fault notification
  • Remote access with secure control of critical equipment
  • Data recording and report customization
  • Database integration: track and trace, alarm history and process variable history

Baker Group has vast experience with integrating SCADA systems for businesses in a variety of industries. Common uses for SCADA include:

  • Connecting machine level controls (PLCs) to other high-level systems
  • Creating a plant overview page for management to access
  • Logging data for different processes and generate custom reports that track your system’s performance
  • Maintaining alarms for systems and alert maintenance personnel

When you choose Baker Group, we make your facilities more efficient, saving you time and money. Implementing a SCADA system allows you to receive immediate notifications when your equipment malfunctions, reducing downtime and wasted product. We can help develop custom solutions for your operation, including custom-designed touch panel or web-based operator interfaces.