Client B

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What do you do when you designed your data center for 73 watts per square foot and need more power and cooling to support the latest Computer Technology? You bring in Baker Group to add Liebert’s latest Extreme Density (XD) in-row cooling technology. The team took one section of an existing Client B Data Center and added this Liebert XD Cooling, plus Liebert Power Distribution equipment to allow power usage of over 260 watts per square foot. In another section, cooling and power distribution were designed and installed to support over 400 watts per square foot.

To accomplish this upgrade, while keeping the data center fully operational, required intense coordination with the data center managers and electrical contractor. The cooling systems included:

  • Redundant A-Side (N+1) and B-Side (N) chiller plants
  • Dry Coolers (N+1) for low ambient free cooling operation
  • Redundant secondary chilled water pumps (N+1)
  • Redundant control systems (N+1)
  • Fourteen down flow computer room AC units (N+1)
  • Five Liebert XDP chilled water heat exchangers/pumping units
  • Forty Liebert XDH in row cooling units
  • One AHU for building ventilation

The new Liebert Cooling Equipment designed and installed by Baker Group adds new capacity to an existing Data Center, and provides a reliable center for computing growth.

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