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As a cost saving measure, during Client C’s original facility retrofit project in 2009, some of the existing equipment was reused.  This project came out of the need to replace this equipment, including two-thirds of the mechanical plant’s systems.  While maintaining a functional mechanical plant, Baker Group replaced two (2) cooling towers, two (2) plate and frame heat exchangers, two (2) condenser pumps, and two (2) remote sump tanks. 

Baker Group replaced two (2) cooling tower systems.  The new towers are capable of providing free cooling via plate and frame heat exchangers in the winter months, helping to lower the building’s utility costs.  By replacing these pieces of equipment, Client C has almost three (3) identical chiller/cooling tower systems making the central plant truly N+1. 

Since multiple systems were replaced Baker Group understood that it was of the utmost importance that there could be no outages associated with this project.  By replacing one system entirely and then testing and commissioning it before proceeding to the next system to be replaced was key to successfully completing this project.  To complete this task successfully required all contractors to work very carefully together. 

This project is the latest in an ongoing series of projects with Client C and Client C’s Contractor.   For the past five years Baker Group has completed multiple projects annually, continuing to upgrade the data center’s reliability and redundancy.  As true partners in the success of this facility, Client C has experienced no outages.

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