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As part of Client C’s restructuring of their information systems, they decided to reduce their computer centers from 100 down to four large regional data centers for all Client C owned companies. Baker Group performed the mechanical retrofit of an existing office building into a combination office and data center. Fitting the data center into an existing facility, with structural steel height limitations, required a very efficient layout to allow 3 foot of raised floor, server racks, piping, and electrical distribution. During the remodel, Baker Group maintained operation of the existing data center while relocating mechanical equipment from the penthouse to a new mechanical room.

This large data center currently has a cooling capacity of 750 tons, with expansion capability up to 1,250 tons of cooling. Cooling is delivered under floor from 9 Liebert down-flow AC units, supplemented by 2 Liebert XDP units and 16 in-row XDV units. This was the second Liebert Extreme Density (XD) in-row cooling system to be installed in Iowa. This system is also capable of winter free cooling utilizing a plate and frame heat exchanger.

Client C knew, if anyone was up to this challenge, it would be Baker Group.

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