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Maintaining high reliability in a rapidly changing data center requires accurate, timely information management. As servers are added or virtualized, a data center manager needs to understand the electrical power and cooling impacts. BuildingIT by Baker Group “Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Dashboard” was implemented to deliver accurate, instantaneous, and long-term trending data. This “Dashboard” gives the Client D Data Center Management Team constant monitoring and reporting of all of the cooling and electrical distribution equipment in the data center, including:

Electrical Systems

  • Power delivery of two Utility power feeds and two back-up Generators
  • Power from both an A-Side and a B-Side Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)
  • Power distributed through eight Power Distribution Units (PDU’s)
  • Consumption of each electrical breaker in 36 panels (over 1500 breakers)
  • Consumption of each computer rack

Chilled Water Cooling System

  • Chiller operation compared to capacity (five chillers)
  • Dry Cooler operation compared to capacity (three dry coolers)
  • Chilled water pump control and monitoring
  • Dry Cooler pump control and monitoring
  • Computer Room AC unit control and monitoring
  • Ventilation AHU control and monitoring

Graphical Reporting

  • Floor plan with real time, color coded power consumption data for each rack
  • Floor plan depicting the temperature at the top and the bottom of each rack
  • Floor plan with real time return air temps to each Computer Room AC unit
  • Charts and graphs monitoring power consumption of each piece of computer room equipment
  1. Warnings when electrical consumption reaches 60% of rated load
  2. Alarms when electrical consumption reaches 80% of rated load.
  • Charts and graphs monitoring all Chilled Water use in the data center
  • Graphical forecasting of when continued increase in electrical load will reach data center capacity
  • Graphical forecasting of when continued increase in cooling load will reach data center capacity

The new BuildingIT by Baker Group DCIM Dashboard gives the Data Center manager the insight, information, and tools necessary to make intelligent decisions about current and future IT technology implementation.

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