Continental Western Group

Project Information

  • Owner

    Continental Western Group

  • Location

    Des Moines, IA

  • Architect

    SVPA Architects

  • General Contractor

    The Weitz Company

  • Engineer

    Baker Group

  • Square Footage


  • Baker Group Scope

    Mechanical Cost - $2,600,000

  • Year Completed


The building is served primarily by one central Air Handling Unit (AHU) located in a mechanical penthouse on the roof of the building. The AHU was site built custom for this building. Ducting from the AHU serves fan powered VAV boxes at the building perimeter and top floor and cooling only boxes in the interior. The AHU has full economizer capability to take advantage of free cooling to meet building cooling needs when the outside air temperature is cold enough. The supply and return fans are on variable frequency drives to reduce electrical consumption at part load conditions.

Cooling is by one 215 ton chiller located in a lower level mechanical room. The chilled water loop is routed up through the building and is connected to the chilled water coils in the AHU

Heating is by one boiler also located in the lower level mechanical room. The heating water piping loop is routed up through the building and is connected to the heating coils in the AHU as well as the hot water coils in the fan powered VAV boxes.

The building also has a full service cafeteria for the employees, a data center served by one 20 ton air cooled Liebert unit.

The stairwells are served by individual roof top units to maintain egress requirements to provide a safe exit path from the building in the event of a fire.

Baker Group installed a DSX Access Control System with Pelco DX8100 DVR’s and CCTV system. This building utilized AWID Card readers. Currently, this building is tied into the Boise, Idaho DSX System and Baker Group will be adding this system to the old Allied Insurance Office Building in Urbandale, Iowa.

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