Des Moines Area Community College

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    Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC)

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    Multiple projects across Central Iowa

Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) has more than 200 Avigilon HD video cameras installed at its Central Iowa campuses, which are used for a variety of surveillance purposes. Generally, DMACC’s internet protocol (IP) video system is maintained by DMACC’s own service team. However, when a complex service issue arose in March 2016, DMACC contacted Baker Group’s Security business unit.

“DMACC needed a security service provider that had multiple technicians who would respond promptly to any service need they might have,” says Doug Ruschill, Baker Group Security Project Manager. “Our team of six Security technicians is Avigilon-trained and certified, and available 24/7/365.”

Initially, DMACC purchased a block of service hours that they used as needed. That has since evolved into an ongoing relationship in which Baker Group assists with multiple security needs and projects.

IP cameras support educational mission
Ruschill says, “In addition to helping prevent unlawful activity and keeping students and faculty safe, DMACC uses these high-quality cameras as virtual proctors in the classroom to help ensure the integrity of independent work, testing and other activities.”

As an example, Baker Group recently installed a multi-camera IP video system in a DMACC testing lab, where cameras are strategically placed to view each testing desk.

“There are many other ways IP video technology is being used today. Some companies use it to monitor equipment and gauges. Healthcare facilities are using it to help train future doctors – the video quality is that good,” Ruschill adds.

Comprehensive technical support
Like all colleges, DMACC has an ongoing schedule of facility updates, remodels and expansions. “This creates an ongoing need for comprehensive technical support that’s available when needed. We’re delighted to be able to serve the full gamut of DMACC’s needs,” Ruschill says.

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