Iowa Events Center Security Upgrade

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    Polk County

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    Des Moines, IA

An aging access control and video surveillance system – combined with the availability of new and better technologies – prompted an upgrade of security cameras, software and access control systems for Iowa Events Center, which encompasses Wells Fargo Arena, Hy-Vee Hall and Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center/Vets Memorial Auditorium. Baker Group was selected to provide the ongoing upgrade and technical support.

“Baker Group began providing service to Iowa Events Center’s on-site Security Office about five years ago, after another security systems provider failed to respond quickly to service requests,” says Doug Ruschill, a Project Manager with Baker Group. “They are familiar with our company’s service level, reputation and skill set.”

Additionally, Baker Group’s remodel/retrofit, design services, security and 24/7/365 service met Iowa Events Center’s primary objectives for its upgrade:

  • Gain more and better camera views – Today’s video cameras capture high-definition video surveillance footage with exceptional resolution, resulting in clear images at much greater distances.
  • Enhance access control – Baker Group designed and installed a sophisticated access control system that allows Security personnel to control access to all entrances, elevators and interior areas from a single, integrated command center, which is manned 24 hours a day. “For example, just a few clicks of a mouse will lock down any or all elevators,” Ruschill says. “Programming functions allow the Security office to schedule the unlocking of doors so sports teams and others using the facility can gain access and move through the building when and where appropriate.”
  • Leverage cost efficiencies – Ruschill says, “Our solution meant that Iowa Events Center did not have to replace their entire systems all at once. We replaced the oldest cameras first and, although a challenge, we were able to upgrade the software used by those cameras, so all cameras throughout the facility are operating on a single platform.” As other aging cameras and other products fail, those will be replaced with the newest HD cameras and software, which spreads the total cost over several years.

Ruschill adds, “Iowa Events Center takes security very seriously. Baker Group is honored to provide the cutting-edge solutions, expertise and service that help its Security Office provide a safe environment for patrons, sports teams, staff and others who use the facilities.”

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