Karl Chevrolet

Project Information

  • Owner

    Karl Chevrolet

  • Location

    Ankeny, IA

  • Architect

    Environmental Design Group

  • General Contractor

    Ball Construction Services

  • Engineer

    Baker Group

  • Square Footage

    Showroom Addition/Remodel - 9,120Car Wash - 3,687Lube Express - 3,789

  • Baker Group Scope

    Mechanical Cost - $327,000

  • Year Completed


This project occurred in two phases, with the first phase being a remodel of the existing detail bay and an addition to the existing showroom. Work completed in the first phase is now used by Karl Chevrolet for both new car delivery and a conference room for the sales team. Second phase of the project is the Lube Express building and a Car Wash building.

The showroom addition and detail bay remodel consisted of a make-up air unit, as well as multiple constant volume rooftop units. Mechanical ventilation of the space is achieved via exhaust fans controlled by carbon monoxide detection.

The Car Wash and Lube Express buildings are both served by a combination of infrared heat, unit heaters, furnaces, and radiant snow melt.

The majority of work completed on the Car Wash and Lube Express buildings occurred during the coldest winter months. This being said, Baker Group was able to complete the construction on time for Karl Chevrolet to open both buildings for business in the spring.

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