National Chiropractic Mutual Insurance Company (NCMIC) Dakin Magnetic Bearing Chiller Upgrade

Project Information

  • Owner


  • Location

    Clive, IA

  • Architect


  • General Contractor

    Owner Direct

  • Engineer

    Baker Group

  • Baker Group Scope


  • Year Completed


NCMIC selected Baker Group as their mechanical contractor to install a new part-load chiller to relieve the oversized chiller that was installed when the facility was initially constructed.  The original building design called for an addition to the facility that did not take place, this caused the existing chiller to be oversized for the space and was continuously cycling.

Baker Group worked directly with the owner to provide a solution that was not only more energy efficient but also more closely matched to the actual chilled water load of the facility. Baker Group utilized the existing pumping systems in the facility and connected it to all of the existing piping systems. Additionally, Baker Group provided a control valve system that allows NCMIC to switch back and forth from one machine to another all while having two largely different pumping requirements. Baker Group also integrated to the new chiller controls with NCMIC’s building automation system.

Limited by the room size, Baker Group successfully moved the chiller into the facility and kept space to have the chiller set and still be functional for maintenance and service of the machine. Baker Group successfully upgraded the Purge and ventilation system to meet new codes as well as take into account the use of two (2) different refrigerants in the facility.

To assist in the installation of the new equipment, Baker Group designed and fabricated a ramp structure over the existing stairs to the area to lower the new 14,000 lbs. machine down an elevation drop of 7’ to the lower level of the mechanical room floor below while protecting the machine and electrical gear surrounding the equipment.

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