Infrared Thermography


Baker Group utilizes high-tech infrared thermography to identify potential issues before they turn into actual problems. By being able to visualize potential problems, costly replacements can be anticipated or sometimes even avoided completely. Infrared Thermography can also be used to analyze a known issue to determine the possible cause. Among many other things, this tool can help reduce energy, identify problems, predict failure, reduce costs and minimize downtime impact to our clients.

Animation of Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography, also known as Thermal Imaging, is a method of viewing and capturing the infrared energy of any object. A thermal imager is similar to a standard camera, but where a standard camera captures visible light, the thermal imager captures infrared energy. By measuring the values of infrared energy received by the camera and assigning a color scheme to the image, varying surface temperatures can be easily viewed.

This non-invasive detection, diagnostic and measurement method can be used for a wide variety of applications:

  • Recognize air leaks, missing insulation, and other problem areas within your building envelope
  • Identify moisture issues in a space and possibly track the source of moisture
  • Identify faulty, loose, or overloaded electrical connections
  • Analyze processes to verify the correct functionality and operability of all components
  • Help distinguish between normally working equipment and equipment that may be exhibiting an abnormal heat pattern, such as a non-functioning steam trap
  • Discover leaks, water retention areas, or other roof problems
  • Identify anomalies that may need not be immediately understood, but would never otherwise be noticed without a thermal imager

Thermal imaging is a useful tool in predicting problems before they happen. Contact Dale Drent to learn about our Infrared Thermography program.