Vibration Analysis


Key to any predictive maintenance program is the practice of periodic vibration analysis on your critical rotating equipment. We have the latest equipment and software to perform vibration analysis to predict and identify equipment faults, before the occurrence of costly catastrophic failures.

Our Microlog Data Collector and analysis software are key pieces of equipment used to assess mechanical integrity. Typical machinery that warrants vibration analysis includes:

  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Gear Boxes
  • Compressors
  • Turbines
  • Rollers

Baker Group’s experienced service team will recommend a schedule to perform periodic vibration analysis on your critical equipment. Regularly scheduled analysis keeps your equipment operating at optimal capacity. Our proven approach offers cost savings in several ways:

Improves Machinery Reliability and Eliminates Unexpected Failures
A program of regularly scheduled vibration checks makes it possible to detect faults and deterioration of a machine before unscheduled shut down is necessary.

Extends Machinery Life
As the machine condition deteriorates, vibration increases. Planned routine maintenance can be done to correct the deteriorating condition and prevent premature failure.

Energy Savings
Unnecessary energy is used to drive machinery that vibrates. Finding the cause and reducing vibration results in energy saved.

Helps Schedule Maintenance Shut-Downs
Knowing the maintenance parts and labor skill-set requirements of critical production equipment allows for better planning of shut-down activities.

Prevents Catastrophic Failures
Nobody wants unplanned shutdowns to terminate critical production processes and delay delivery schedules. You need to do everything possible to maintain the mechanical integrity of your critical machinery.

With our vibration analysis techniques and reports, we can provide reliable statistics and recommendations to enhance your equipment performance. Regularly scheduled visits from our expert staff give you the advantage to predict, diagnose and prevent equipment failures.

To learn more about vibration analysis contact Dale Drent.